From the perspective of a Corporate Event Planner versus a guest, I’d like to add input about Wonder Bread 5. These men are both fabulous entertainers and really great people to work with. They arrived and conducted sound check on time, are extremely unpretentious and were very courteous all evening long. Guests responded to them well and their production crew was very accommodating. Worth every penny!
— Patty P. ~ Livermore, CA
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Wonderbread5 is top notch: they truly made our event this past weekend a great success. Here’s why: 1) Sarah the event producer was highly organized in arranging details, from reviewing specific songs with me to planning set up; 2) The set up crew was timely & efficient; 3) the band members are ALL so talented - from vocals to instruments; 4) the lead vocalist totally connected to the crowd, drew people in, charmed; 5) they changed costumes, unexpectedly, for the second set, which added to the entertainment and professionalism; 6) they looked like they were having a good time; and 7) the band members shared conversation & wine with us after the party, and they are the coolest, down to earth guys.
My first Yelp review.
— Sheila B. ~ San Francisco
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Hands down, one of the best wedding decisions I made was to hire these guys as our entertainment... and by entertainment, I mean 5 dudes dressed to the nines, bursting crazy infectious dancing energy, putting out the most insane show, and even getting my 88-year-old grandma dancing up a storm until the wee hours of the morning. Wonder read 5 is brilliant.
— Shawna S. ~ San Francisco
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My new favorite live band... Wonder Bread 5! We hired this amazing band for a private performance at a Tahoe event and had such a fun time. Every band member is incredibly talented; not to mention the hardest working man in engineering Brian!

They had us laughing, singing and dancing during the entire performance. We will keep them coming back to Tahoe again, and again.
— Renee W. ~ Squaw Valley, CA
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Absolutely amazing band / performance at my sister’s wedding. All 150 people were out on the floor *all* night. I’ve officially decided that, ideally, WB5 will appear at every wedding that I attend from this point forward, since every other band will pale in comparison. Thanks guys. You made that wedding (and the experience for all our guests) just incredible.
— Kerrin M. ~ San Francisco, CA
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